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· Shell-clad moulding press machine (four-column)
· Injection hot press machine
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· Aluminium honeycomb hot press machine
· Cold press machine
· Car interior trims press machine
· Small experimental press machine
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· Hot press machine auto production line
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- Auxiliary parts of hot press machine
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Auxiliary parts of hot press machine

Hot press machine’s Corollary Boiler

Hot press machine’s Template

The main motor was equipped with power inverter.The direction of the board infrared safety device.

Can save electricity 1/3, and can reduce the temperature of the hydraulic system, protect and extend the system for all seals and high pressure piston pump life. By lightning in the case of normal use, the drive will not burn.

In the event of misuse or threats to personal security, the system can instantly disconnect the system circuits, equipment stops running, play a protective role.

Control cabinet mounted touch screen Steel buckle
Pressure and time can easily be set to display the daily output, ease of management, with password set, preventing any manual operations, reduce defects, with fault detection, maintenance, etc....

The role of steel buckle fixed to the press on the template, time-saving and convenient.

Secondary circulation system

Lifting platform

Secondary circulation system is through hot oil circulation pump, valve, high temperature ball valves, check valves and other components a circulation loop, controlled hot plate HTF temperature range of ± 1 ℃.

Lift the role of the substrate to the lifting platform stacker, the substrate will be removed automatically rise, reducing labor and more convenient.

Pneumatic control valve

Electric control valve

Pneumatic control valve is powered by compressed air to the cylinder as the actuator, and the help of electric valve positioner, converters, solenoid valves, valves and other accessories to secure his position to drive the valves, enabling digital or proportional adjustment.

Electric control valve is used to drive the electric power and thus drive the valve actuator for throttling control valve (configuration: temperature controller, temperature control lines, the main valve).

Servo motor

The traditional pressing machine is operated by pumps and motors, electricity consumption up to 80% to 90%, when the pressing machine cooling, the servo drive will not give the signal to the servo motor. Thus no electricity. (Traditional oil pressing machine is the open-loop system dosing pumps and asynchronous motors, asynchronous motors are turned on will not stop. Pressing machine action is to have a lot of programs, each program there is also a different power stages, These actions pressure, flow a large gap; while the motor pump is quantitative, displacement is always the maximum output, the output of the motor pump gone too? addition to the required actions, all from the relief valve, throttle flow back to the tank valve pressing machine, it means all is a waste, so this is a bit where the servo pump.
Before the pressure attached to the substrate through the dust down hair brush to remove dust from the surface of the substrate, to achieve customer satisfaction Tamp results.
Forced cooling system
Forced cooling system is composed of the refrigeration system, hydraulic system and control system consists of three parts, the advantage lies. When the press in the hydraulic oil is higher than the set temperature forced cooling system, the cooling system to work, the cooling temperature controlled at ± 2 ℃.

Integrated valve

Integrated valve block failure rate, the parts used are well-known brands.

Impregnation line

Film Covering Machine

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